In the business world, "Little Things" Do Count- Starting with your employee's appearance!

Your appearance is the one personal characteristic that is immediately obvious and accessible to others. You can’t hide it, it´s the way you communicate. So how important is a powerful personal appearance at a workplace?

The idea is to gain your prospects trust by conveying the idea that you are giving them good advice when you suggest they buy your products and become your partners. In a business situation, trustworthiness is based on several factors. Dress at the office affects the overall impression and environment. In some cases, the clothing employees wear affects productivity. The type of business and preferences of the management team play a role in the type of acceptable clothing in the workplace and often lead to dress codes.

FOCH appearance consulting company is an agency that makes a full organization, design, and production of corporate clothes. We are brand developing partners in corporate garment development – from idea to final production.